Do Wangzhuan no execution and everything is empty

due to the impact of the financial crisis, many people are looking for lower cost, more efficient way out and methods. Wangzhuan got attention in the hitherto unknown at this stage. Many people are studying how to use the Internet to get out of the dilemma, Wangzhuan industry also came into being, the conscious Wangzhuan will to participate in the Wangzhuan industry like hunger and thirst to come.

Wangzhuan Lee, in the beginning of my communication, said to be in a big wangzhuan. At the end of September to meet him, ask Wangzhuan project, "due to the recent lazy Wangzhuan thing no time, so next year again. Nearly a year later, my dear friend, you may not realize that you are missing a major opportunity. Because there are a lot of people spend half a year on the Internet to create a miracle, in the past all the online business is now doing more than 80% of the Internet to do, because they have a super action.

ah, sometimes maybe it is when cornered will really pay attention to, to act.

so many in contact with friends, understand the importance of a lot of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, know strategies and methods are many, but in learning after truly implemented less. Execution culture is particularly important in Wangzhuan practice. Those who have achieved success on the network of enterprises, none of the action is strong, the implementation of the enterprise is in place. Rather than three flow of creativity and first-class execution, nor the implementation of the three flow and first-class creativity. Do not, there will be no results. In particular, Wangzhuan is a new knowledge for many people, the new method is to use Internet technology and the Internet platform to do marketing knowledge, most people have no contact with the past, while professional talents and Wangzhuan is very small, so the date of execution to the more difficult, sometimes even made Wangzhuan strategy, is also difficult to carry on.

investigate the reasons, probably in the following areas:

1 no professional Wangzhuan talent, even think Wangzhuan is very important but do not know how to do;

2 line of business go and not forced to live without it, you can do Wangzhuan;

3 tried to do it, but encountered some problems and difficulties to give up easily;

4 for a period of time, that does not seem to imagine the effect, began to doubt the Wangzhuan value, and then give up;

5 although I think Wangzhuan is very important, but because of too busy, busy, delayed, died;

6 no flow, no system, a lot of ideas, do not know where to start;

7 no higher performance appraisal standard, do not know how to manage your team, the implementation is not in place, the result is not clear;


how to solve the problem of execution Wangzhuan? Welcome to discuss, exchange.


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