Wangzhuan flow storage and release rules

for us to do the first phase, that is, the most important part of the application of traffic, is how to store the flow and reasonable release.

because every day to our advertising page or dump to traffic is not qualitative, maybe they come. The door opened and closed. May never come again. Because the flow is invisible, can not touch things. So how should we control these flows, store them to decide when to release it? For example, we can not find a good profit terminal in a short time, or the flow of the day is not as good as the evening. So we can store the flow up to the night and then release.

is now under the corn bus how to store traffic:

1 can use QQ to store and release traffic

example: I add a page in my ad: beauty QQ:37530378

this time, there will be a lot of propaganda to flow with the QQ, if we are in the QQ plus advertising slogan "beautiful pictures", then these will flow into our bus sites in maize.

if we modify the QQ’s slogan, "Beauty video", then the flow will be to the civilians in the

forum website

so, whenever we update once, the traffic is reused. With the advantages of QQ traffic: traffic can be modified with the advertising language has been repeatedly used. Disadvantages: flow with time and continue to be seen through out advertising QQ, so they will be deleted


2, with a number of exchange chain to store and release traffic

for example, we said above, if the flow of the day does not make money, then we can use the flow chain to store traffic, that is how to store the traffic?

, for example, we made an ad page that reads. If you click on the following link, you can download the corn bus VIP tutorial forum. So if you want to get this tutorial, then you will click on the order, we put on the statistical code, each click on a number of automatic reduction of 1, until they click on the end can be downloaded. Here’s the key: we need to hang up the chain of different traffic links, if only a chain of traffic, then click 10 times can only count for 1 times, but also the risk of cheating. Such a IP to bring you 10 IP traffic chain hits. These 10 clicks are stored in these 10 different traffic chain alliances. Wait until you feel the time to get out of the night, these are magnified 10 times the flow will bring you more profits.

actually use the advantages of the flow chain is: flow according to the time you need to release, and can be released in full. The disadvantage is that the flow cannot be repeated

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