Where is the best place for AdSense ads on the web

After the formation of

ad code to paste the code into the page, but so many Position page, should be put in there? Like, "on the four position can be selected, where the best



according to the study, the first screen advertising click rate is much higher than the second screen advertising, so you should try to put AdSense ads on the first screen of the page, which can bring you a higher advertising revenue. For different types of web pages, we summed up the best effect of advertising


home page – in the first screen placed in 728X90 large banners and 300X250 rectangular


content page – place the rectangle 300X250 in the top left or right side of the first screen content


forum page – place a large banner 728X90 below the first post


the location of these ads is a lot of publishers repeated practice summed up the best advertising position, you can learn from the past, so that your site in the beginning there is a good income.

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