The novice must learn to do Wangzhuan station

Do Wangzhuan

novice to learn more, this study not only reflected in the learning experience of others, the performance is more in terms of technology. Technology can be site technology, SEO technology, can also be Logo design, programming, etc.. The basic technology of the site is each Wangzhuan novice advanced must master, also a novice do long-term planning based wangzhuan.

actually build a website is quite simple, the novice to learn to use WordPress to build a personal blog or Discuz forum to build only 1 to 2 hours. The difficulty is to build a web site, we have to make use of this site to make money, it is more appropriate to say that we should build a website for our money. To think and learn how to build a website for our money is the first step to the novice website must learn, this step must also be divided into the following points:

1, select the site

2, build a website, clarify the original intention of your site

3, the first analysis of what you can bring to the site, and then to analyze the site’s profit point

must be a content marketing, be sure to do with. Marketing should be built on the basis of the content, if you even the user to your site to get what or what you can bring to the user is not clear, advise you to give up the idea of a profitable site. Personal blog is not a dream to make money, a lot of blog complain that personal blog can not earn money, the flow is on the one hand, but this is the second. The needs of the user is the most important, you can not give them what they want. Now more personal blog is to share some of the trivial things in their lives, not celebrities or friends, you will not listen to the nagging. People who are able to share some of their own life and work experience on their personal blogs are becoming less and less.

analysis of the site’s profit point this is the second step. Create their own website marketing program this is the third step. Website promotion this is the fourth step. Step gradually, the establishment of a web site and raising a child, is in need of long-term care, the slightest careless are intolerable. Below I to promote the experience of the gold station to make a few suggestions:

1, QQ group promotion does not do, this is doing no work, and now people are basically immune to QQ advertising, no matter how soft you soft.

2, do not deliberately do search related, Baidu next K is you.

3, do Baidu post bar just high quality soft Wen, don’t ask more, patience to write each article.

4, the forum is to promote the top is more vest.

5, the forum to promote their own summed up, which forums are suitable to promote your site, which plate can send the chain, which site traffic.

6, determined not to do advertising: blog advertising does not do, too cheap advertising is not done, not enough money and do not advertise, advertising needs is a long time a large number of publicity will have an effect. < >

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