For the novice explain about the nature and Wangzhuan common problems

Wangzhuan is the product of the development of Internet, the Internet, people can carry out various activities in the network, get income, can be said that the Internet has created many opportunities for society, bring the wealth for the society, to solve the employment problem of some people, so in the end what is Wangzhuan? What nature or universal.

is the first, Wangzhuan, Internet to make money, make money online, it is a verb, that is related to the activity in the network using a variety of methods, and can obtain income. The most basic thing is to use computers, servers, terminal equipment to make money on the internet. We do this part Wangzhuan called Wangzhuan, some of them are part-time, some are full-time, some personal webmaster, some are corporations, the first thing to understand is that left the network, so it is impossible to wangzhuan.

second, website, is the basic element of a network, as a platform to make money online, plays an important role in different projects, products or services are required by the website to show to everyone, so as to let others know your website is what to do, something that is not on your site users are interested in, therefore, almost all of the Wangzhuan activities need to be carried out on the site, the site is a prerequisite to make money online.

third, advertising and merchandise is the mainstream of the network to make money, whether it is a large portal, or a small personal website, can not be separated from advertising on the. The source of the total revenue is accounted for a large part of the ad, especially the portal advertising revenue is very impressive, online advertising as a way to make money on the Internet has a certain status. And the goods are corporate websites for the most money guarantee, huge profits are obtained from the sale of goods, some of which are invisible goods, can also make money, like QQ, it offers users a chat platform, is a kind of intangible goods service, annual income has billions of yuan, although it is a kind of service, but also earn more money than other goods, can not be underestimated.

fourth, need to Wangzhuan promotion, publicity is also very important, many projects must have the development of offline the possibility of making money, just as a commodity to sell, you must go to the promotion, let people understand it, only when we all know it, the demand will go to buy, so as to have no profit. Promotion, make money online will become empty talk, no practical significance.

Internet has brought wealth to the people at the same time also let some crooks take advantage of Wangzhuan tricks emerge in an endless stream traps are everywhere, the network, will accidentally fall into, thus making money online is not so simple, understand the nature of the above several, can make friends to better grasp the way to make money.

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