Yang Wenjian how do make $10000 a month (eight)

mentioned above, I realized through the IDC network venture profit. This is a good thing, but also a bad thing. The good thing is that I have finally achieved economic freedom, and the bad thing is that I spend the whole day with IDC’s business. At that time the most afraid of is to hear the sound of the phone, or just shut off the computer ready to go out the phone rang, or else is playing with friends, a phone call to pull back. I feel like I’ve been sold to a customer, and I’m ready to solve the problem. A little freedom of life is not, this is the frustration of IDC.

IDC has its own place, but also has its own unique. If you can better serve your customers, you will not have to develop new customers, the annual old kind will renew, and old customers will continue to introduce new customers to you. IDC is a very chaotic market, many IDC manufacturers in the intrigues of the deceive customers, and even some IDC with PC in a server, a virtual host management system, registered a CN and then began to sell space, when there is a client, the PC run off. This gives the customer the injury is fatal, cheated money does not matter, the key is to do a few years of station data will not be.

in such a chaotic market, how to survive. I have a friend do want mass, he said he has been able to develop completely, because he is honest. He said that when everyone is cheating, said to the customer 10000 mass of information, in fact, only to send 8000, or even 5000. Customers can not find a way, even if you know that you have no way, because the customer standing in a passive position. He is honest to give people the 10000 send 10000. An honest man, this part of doing business. By comparing the nature of the customer can know who is a long-term partner. Do IDC is the same, because the market confusion, the customer is not very confident that a IDC, but when he believes you, he is your long-term customers, and even his friends will be introduced to you.

I am doing IDC, is also very deep feeling of this. There is a customer to buy my space, he is the DISCUZ forum, because he has a database error, in the forum to move back to the backup is always wrong, the problem plagued us for a few days did not solve. The backup data is dozens of times, and finally do not know how to backup, Providence. He introduced me to two customers come, but also indicate their own website is the first flat-share sponsored network space, we give the initiative to do propaganda. I met him the other day, and he told me he’s been working with us to use our space.

long-term stability of the source, the constant introduction of the old customers initiative is the place to make money IDC. But I don’t like this life, too much service. No matter where I am, I have to take the phone, the phone rang I have to unconditionally serve my customers. So I’m looking for someone else

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