Entrepreneur conference new, more stressful and our time

May 10th, after a lapse of three years, I was fortunate to take part in the co hosted by the Tencent and China’s top ninth Internet entrepreneurs conference. After several years of development, the change of Chinese hitherto unknown Internet, but also from the General Assembly "webmaster will transition to the" entrepreneurship conference, the focus from the traditional Internet to mobile internet. This is caused by the change of our thinking, not only is the name and the change of direction, is our future Chinese Internet and even the whole human in Internet information explosion and the survival and development of the mobile era and an in-depth discussion. Next, I will use four key points and the four point of view to explain what I understand the current entrepreneur conference".

four key points: starting from the general assembly and Tencent focus on


years before entrepreneurs will organize and process, basic business sense feels the conference seems to be the Tencent "product marketing", the original chief organizers of the annual meeting by Kang Sheng laggards to Tencent and Kang Sheng yun. At the same time, there are a lot of participants joke to next year if you simply hold the name of the Tencent cloud product marketing conference.

joked at the same time, we have the problem is not confined to the Tencent, although it seems at the venue on Ma and Ali became a sensitive word (perhaps the two companies competition tide also takes time to settle down). But we have to see something from the outside of the Tencent. The so-called dry cargo, at least better than simple marketing of dry cargo.


focus one: continue to open and sustainable development

can be said that, because Ali began to follow the Tencent held the first session of Ali cloud Developers Conference in September last year, this year the Tencent simply last year in parentheses "stationmaster" two words removed, can be said that the two giants are to promote their business through some convenient conditions. But in any case, the two companies and the entire Chinese Internet will continue to be open, because only open to develop.

early in the open early 2011, Kang Shengyuan President Dai Zhikang proposed the concept of "second Island Revolution", he said of the island, in fact the first circulation of Information Island Revolution was solved and a challenge to each site, even said that each service software, application, he gathered the user the formation of a new island, between people directly connected is weak, which has formed a barrier layer, but this is not because the information flow and the.

so, under this circumstance, Kang Sheng and Tencent jointly open between the website and software applications and so on, the connection between the users relying on Tencent resources for people, this is a kind of breaking the island’s move, the relation between people and people in between the Internet has greatly increased the awareness.

and now, when the general assembly, vice president of Tencent Tang Daosheng proposed data islands, the same time

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