Several ways to improve the advertising revenue of the website

do not think that the more advertising, the higher the income. In fact, only to set the site’s advertising, in order to make the site’s advertising revenue increase. At first I was, and now optimized, you can refer to the next friendship 123 nets, below we will tell you through the size of the ad, the number and form of optimization, improve the method of website income.

size optimization is the best

many webmasters tend to like the biggest ad pictures, in the selection of advertising, often choose the largest advertising, that would have a higher click rate, but the actual situation is not the case. Different sites suitable for the size of the ad is not the same, according to the type of the site itself needs to be fixed.

in general, the size of each page of the ad to be within 1/20 of the entire layout, but for a large number of pages of content, you can modify the actual situation. In a word, choosing the size of website advertising to the site can not affect the browsing, not too prominent advertising overwhelming principle.

content in line with the positioning is the key

determines the size of the ad, the next step is to choose the form of advertising content, there are many types of advertisements in various types of advertising, such as text, click on the registration guide, in the choice of advertising when first to a healthy and positive principle, and best not to put SP advertising such as mobile phone SMS registration type. If because of the interests of the moment and choose a certain amount of advertising fraud content, the development of the site is very unfavorable.

for different types of sites, the choice of advertising is not the same, for novel, paper type site, according to PV (Views) on the charging of advertising is better; for small articles, news and other types of stations, click on the category of advertising is a good choice.

the number of advertising is not as good as

used a lot of personal website now, is to put all kinds of form numerous ads on the page, text, pictures, pop and so on, some type of download site, even setting must click on ads to download. For this type of site, the impact on the user can imagine, a lot of visitors in a visit to such a site, it will not come again second times.

for the website, the user’s reputation is very important, if the site placed too much advertising, will only make the browsing objectionable, less likely to word of mouth in the user, in this way, the website traffic will be less and less.

the number of ads on a web site must not be too much, and can not be a form of advertising. If you have a page with pictures, text and animation forms of advertising, you can also improve the overall beauty of the page. Also need to contribute to the overall advertising website collocation, can be content with good integration and does not appear abrupt.


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