BlogFrog social brand marketing blog is not dead

with the influence of Bowen and the construction of the user community, BlogFrog explores a new way of social brand marketing.



Jennifer Wang


in digital advertising and digital media reform movement, the influence of chasing mothers. The new generation of mothers is not only a highly educated network of people, is responsible for nearly 85% of household income, but also social animals – if they find something like or hate things, will hear something.

now many companies want to enter this field, but there is a company has broken through the traditional way of advertising, to find their own channels of infiltration.

in the United States of Colorado, Boulder City, April 2009, Banks (Rustin · Rustin; Banks) and Hawley · Haman (Holly Hamann) co founded BlogFrog. BlogFrog is to provide free tools for mom bloggers to set up their own communities, online discussion and dissemination of video podcasts, then these platforms and Coca-Cola are willing to pay to appear in these discussions in the brand together.

Banks and Haman don’t look like a partner at all. Wearing a BlogFrog T-shirt Banks looks like a standard entrepreneur, leisurely temperament, will use two hands to shake hands, very warm. Haman is wearing a neat suit, neat and professional sense, the ornamental and the combined plain properties.

"brand is very welcome, because we can let them from the corner of the page to the main page position." Web site CEO Banks said, BlogFrog has solved the problem of online advertisers have long been a headache to attract users to click on the web advertising problem, this kind of advertising in the user browse the site is regarded as a kind of interference. The social media implant advertising sometimes seem too strong, large-scale blog comments also lead to user resentment. BlogFrog’s "discussion marketing" has broken the norm in the industry, offering advertisers the opportunity to impress consumers through the "brand community" and "sponsored discussions".

BlogFrog platform to promote a new type of social network, according to the interests of users rather than the relationship between friends before the establishment of contact. At present, BlogFrog has attracted about 125 thousand active users and 65 thousand bloggers, the monthly effect of 10 million parents in the United States, making it the largest American mother blog. In this platform can be established according to the theme of rich interactive community, common themes such as delicacy and fashion, but there are more serious issues such as marriage, infertility and special children. Many communities even beyond the virtual world, BlogFrog members will organize the next line of the party, and finally become a real life friend.

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