Won the first gold for your network business

Chushe Wangzhuan people are basically started by doing tasks. There are a lot of development tasks online website, for example, I want to send a pig Witkey website, ah, what Wowo net and so on. On these sites, and do not say it can make money in the end, but at least it can be said that are relatively safe task platform.

below, I briefly introduce the characteristics of these types of websites. First of all I want is long website, this website popularity can also have tens of thousands of members, to now turnover is about one million and five hundred thousand yuan, for the website first person, this is a good site practice, but also the way to earn pocket money. But more important is to accumulate experience. What is the Wowo network. The nature of this website and I have long hair almost, but the attention of litters nets are basically focused on the game this one, game promotion is its strength. Moreover, it should also be noted that these two types of sites are particularly low unit commissions. Are divided into units of measurement, so it is hard to earn. But they also have advantages, that is the site of membership management is loose, hand in the membership threshold, there is a threshold member issued task, and those requirements are very loose. You can even make the biggest profit at a very low price.

moreover, is more famous pig Witkey network. This site, after is a large-scale business entities, and has become the largest online trading platform. Several features of the website is of high credibility, high commission, multi project, impact! Pig online almost every day millions of transactions, is a piece of hundred-percent everywhere golden treasure. When I was a pig network, I feel this site is very formal, very reliable, and can do more tasks, the Commission is not cheap. Here, I feel that is the real meaning of their talent, depends entirely on your ability to make money, of course, capacity, earn more money, but also not less, there you can do the task


on the Internet this auspicious treasure house, we can start from the start, in addition to the above mentioned, Taobao is also a guest Wangzhuan starting point is very low, in some recent A5 top Taobao customer activity, high commission, buyers of good reputation, are some of Taobao business A5 carefully screened, to which everyone can get involved in try to accumulate your own money experience, finally will lay a solid foundation for the success of your


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