Analysis of the use of Taobao customers make money highlights

first explain, in fact, I’m just a rookie, I do Taobao guest is two months of time, in many of the master I can only be regarded as entry. Just two days ago, I have a little experience, I write to share with you.

choose to do Taobao customers, I think I’m on the right track, although not very high income, at least than work or better. The purpose of Taobao is to earn a commission, which we all know. Below I will share with you the first two days of my practice.

started out like this, my girlfriend wanted to buy a dress on Taobao, want me to refer to. I opened the mall, look at the clothes feel really good, and my girlfriend said that the clothes are pretty good. My girlfriend said, now the mall engaged in activities, to buy 3 pieces of money to pay for it, so you want to buy another two, let me help you look at. At this time I came up with an idea, I am not doing Taobao guest, if I go to promote these activities do not have the opportunity to make money, perhaps this is the opportunity oh. I told my friend not to buy it, waiting for me for half an hour. At this time I landed on the Taobao guest page, try to search the store just now, to see if there is no Taobao customers to promote. The result is true, the Commission is not low, there are 10%. I came back to the store, analyzed it began to do a picture advertising map, then my girlfriend told me the mall Gang there is advertising, some still quite good, ad I don’t send up, leave the address bar, you can go and see the love.

advertising address:

of course, I do not want these ads, I mainly want to promote the mall promotional activities.

I do not know how to design, cut a piece of sun drying:


I would like to analyze the free delivery of advertising is very attractive, most people see this may point to look at. As to whether the transaction, mainly to see the attractiveness of the product, there is a look at the store credit. As for the credit, I chose this is certainly no problem, ShopKeeperID=12688036

is already the 3 crown. In terms of products, the mall has such a high credit is proof that the product is still in line with the needs of many people, so these do not worry. I often visit is a women’s fashion website, this year I went to several sites in this fashion, I am now 37 promotion activities, many of which are in fact more than a single together, the actual number of promotion is 10 person.

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