Xi you make me really very helpless

is also a good day to take the Western Union today, the morning get up early to eat breakfast. Went to the post office to collect western union. We are a small town. The post office for Western Union business window for other business. Hard into me, this system has bad results to the West for nearly a month, since the last time you were finished not long after it broke". Oh, my God,

, I’ll wait for the money to help. County can take a post office. I’m here ABC does not bird ah, suddenly I think someone can take the Admin5 ah, between the end of the month every month to see him in the ADMIN5 deal is frequent. I quickly ran home, open the ADMIN5 Forum on the Internet, in front of the account transfer account sales & GG area to find a generation of articles, I added him. Holding the mentality of trying to say to him I want to take. He quickly replied that I could. Through the ADMIN5 intermediary process, he gave the money to the intermediary, to my account number, ID number and name. Then tell me directly. Wait a minute, about 10 minutes, he told me to pay the intermediary, so fast, the bank also need to queue up, write a list, etc.. Although he received 10% of the fee, but also can not get better than. Recommended brothers have the name of the account of the account, there is no identity card and some dead accounts. He can take credit really good. You don’t say so much bad egg still me, I am from the words from the bottom of the heart.. His QQ is: 5203898. Recommend that you use this person on behalf of the business. People really good, it is worth me to write some articles to thank him

The following

pay some Western Union Information:

1, dot number

the post office and bank outlets are actually similar, but can provide Western Union business outlets are different.

Xi’an post office is western union business only the bell tower and the Hamlet post office, the West high tech Zone of the post office is also about to open this business. Agricultural Bank as long as the branch has this business. So compared to ABC’s outlets to more.

2, easy access

post office business is limited to the renminbi, so if you go to the post office, then you have to be converted into rmb. Note: do not directly take dollars directly from the United States, such as the greenback will drop, the loss of a few tenths of a percentage.

but ABC has both the RMB business and the dollar business, if you want to directly to the U.S. dollar deposit to the card, or choose ABC good.

3, congestion level

post office for Western Union has a special window, very few people, they do not line up, go directly on the line.

ABC also has a special window, but people are more than the post office.

4, quality of service

this is not to say, both in general, mainly in accordance with the mood of the service miss was set!

note: China Everbright Bank also has West

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