Refuse to make money from the station to bid farewell to physical activity

once, I have 10 to several garbage station, from 9 in the morning until 2 at night can sleep every day, others looked I was sitting, but my hand has not stopped, stop the search related articles, through the search engine to use Ctrl+c & data and ctrl+V magic shift; to me these sites, one day down, hands numb, head pain, pain is all.. And this has been insisting on three months! Look at the results of each station traffic is not large, only 100-200IP, add up to about 2000, looking at the poor advertising fees, I really want to give up. This is the life of our webmaster? Think about it is not as easy as before to work, money also earn more.

          when I was ready to give up I heard a system capable of automatic station, automatic updates, but also through the SEO optimization, set up without it, it will automatically update the site! First I have some do not believe there is such a good thing but look at the statistics, the website of friends, after a week of careful examination, to believe that the power of science and technology, his station every day to update the 30-50 article, but it is very relevant article, included Baidu, GG is very good. The station a month all included, and included the number is still rising, a flow of more than 1000IP, the search engine is basically all over, and the keywords are scattered, there are more than and 400 key words antecedents, think about your website, I hate going to the wall!!! So where did you catch friend of the system, he said at there are bought, called the net win SEO, now only 49 yuan a! I am dizzy, so cheap, no matter I immediately went and got a 3721 set of entry version, can be set to 100 key words, good, strong ah.

        now I finally from the webmaster Oliver out, haha! Every day only find several high traffic keywords plus, look at the statistics on the OK, it does not appear so. My webmaster has also been included in the Baidu.. Now you can develop slowly, anyway, I do not have to maintain, I am ready to buy a better version of the period of time. So I can do 20 stations at the same time is also very easy! So do not always stand only the stew head should also look to understand, some new technologies, new means of


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