ndia electricity supplier Myntra $25 million investment to expand the company’s business


according to rumors, the day before in India online online retailer Myntra has just acquired a $25 million investment, the company will use the investment to expand the size of the company. And help the country’s one hundred and twenty million young Internet users learn to shop online.

according to the India times, before the Myntra investors Accel and Tiger Fund Company is ready to start a new round of investment, the investment target business class Internet business team, currently a total investment of $38 million.

similarly, they also invested a total of more than $100 million to the electricity supplier Flipkart. Flipkart is a local electricity supplier enterprises in India, is currently competing with Amazon. After the current round of investment Flipkart is likely to become another popular online retailers across the country.

although the outside rumors Myntra need investment, but Myntra co-founder Mukesh Bansal has told the media that the company does not need new investment, at least do not need 10-12 in the coming months.

India Internet penetration rate of less than 10%, so there is still much room for the development of the Internet in India. The development of smart phones and mobile devices is driving the development of the local internet. According to Statcounter data, at the end of this year, the flow of mobile devices in India will exceed the fixed network traffic, therefore, do a good job in the support of mobile networks, the development of the site is critical. Therefore, the electricity supplier who, who first seize the mobile market, who will seize the initiative, which is a good opportunity.


Amazon recently created by the electricity supplier website Junglee into the India market, Junglee is a comprehensive online store, including 14000 brands, including a total of about 12000000 goods. See the electricity supplier on the Internet in India heats up, WAL-MART also recently revealed to open online mall in India’s intention. U.S. retail giants to join, will set off a storm of innovation in India electric business.

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