He Chang Huang Taiji nternet brain to eliminate the fear

from the most popular ones to batch will only play the concept of the Internet, the founder of Huang Taiji Chang He has been in the opinion of the air on entrepreneurship. But behind the hustle and bustle, Huang Taiji has quietly opened 22 stores. He chang this year to do what? Huang Taiji is December 22nd, he Chang flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum? A dark horse in the first meeting, there are many places worth learning from traditional industries, but still have to improve the efficiency of the Internet to solve.


following is his speech in the dark horse rendezvous intersection speech:

starting from the traditional model or from the Internet industry, the nature of the Internet is to improve the efficiency of circulation and communication. If one-sided understanding of the Internet thinking, then I will be considered as the spokesman for the Internet thinking, so I was the first to come out against.

we need to discuss is that the Internet is the traditional mode of thinking in the end face or the traditional industry? I think, the traditional industry is not going to disappear, because we always need the basic necessities of life, but the traditional mode is perhaps not. In the end what kind of model is the traditional model, what kind of model is the Internet model I summed up four points:

first, changes in the flow of information. For example, we see the war will know that today’s war is certainly a war of information, or even a currency war, so this is the time has come.

second, production efficiency. For example, when we opened a store, it was aware of us, take the initiative to find, which shows that the C2B model can improve efficiency. We have recently seen more and more traditional food and beverage industry, the industry is very respectable, very deep. So Huang is a shareholder of the real time is a shareholder, this is our close to the traditional industry signals.

third, the company how to obtain information, the use of information, consumer information. What is the bridge between you and your customers, which can be of great value.

fourth, credit cost. Today when we first think of the Internet thinking may be marketing, actually the Internet can be very large to your business exposure in front of the public, you are not really able to win the trust of others, in fact, is very worth pondering. In the past you hit the CCTV with 1 billion, the whole Chinese people know. Today you may hit 2 billion, there are still people who do not know. Today, every business every day on the Internet in the business situation is being viewed, so the word of mouth is very important. You are Huang Taiji comments in public comment on the not so good, I also put comments over, found that there are many comments is a senior level gourmet diners, is to comment on a pancake fruit. But McDonald’s and KFC would not comment on this. Today we have opened 24 stores, the monthly sales have been close to 10 million yuan, on Friday the day we sent 2000 single takeaway. Last month I

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