Professional community website Glassdoor D round of financing $20 million

October 30th news, according to U.S. technology blog Techcrunch reported that the professional community website Glassdoor today announced the acquisition of foreign D round of financing $20 million. This round of investment is provided by the new investor DAG Ventures. So far, Glassdoor has raised $42 million 200 thousand in external funding. Glassdoor provides services such as company reviews, salary comparisons and post jobs.

has been growing rapidly since the launch of the "Connections" (Inside) feature earlier this year. The feature is a Facebook based job search tool that allows Glassdoor users to see where their Facebook friends work. The idea is reminiscent of other start-ups such as BeKnown and BranchOut, which raised $25 million in C round of funding in April. Other strong competitors in the field and Identified. The company also raised $2100 in B round of funding in June of this year.

but Glassdoor’s internal links and other similar products, the difference lies in: Facebook data is used to enhance the content of Glassdoor, rather than the key products. Usually, the user access to Glassdoor is not only to find other places where people work, they also visit other content provided on the site, including reviews, ratings, salary report, interview questions and comments, post jobs and other content etc..

"we currently have about 3 million of the world’s top 200 thousand companies. We have data from about 190 countries. When we put all the content into the social graph, the user is very valuable." Glassdoor CEO Robert · (Robert Hohman) said. "Before we worked with Facebook, we told users that they needed to know what the company was doing, and we did a good job…. But after connecting with Facebook, we can finally tell the user what you need to know in a company."

Hohmann said that the deeper integration with Facebook is the focus of 2012, but until this summer to see results. "Now every 2 seconds there is a new user to join Glassdoor." He said. This is equivalent to an annual growth rate of 600%. Over the past year, traffic has increased by 160%, the number of visitors per month more than 13 million. When the service is introduced to the new user, the user found it very useful, and 10% of the users even after the log out, the content of the site is still displayed.

addition to the increase in the number of users, Glassdo>

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