Why don’t you and succeed

a lot of times they will complain: why I do not succeed, especially in the network on their own experience, but also their own

had a lot of root growth, see a lot of people make money, many people succeed! Yourself very envious, even envy! But you have not thought about why they don’t succeed! I often ask myself, often reflect on their own, think about the reason. Why is the same starting point out, the same base out, why some people seem just casually succeed, you make millions of years, or even tens of millions.

said that a person’s success is not successful, I did not say it, nor is it the last word, as we all know that you are successful, you can be more successful. The definition of success is relative. You think he is successful, but he doesn’t think he is successful. Why? Because of the different scope of cognition, where the class is different, so see the field, see the world are not the same.

other industries do not say, I talk about the little things inside the internet. There were a lot of big events in these years the Internet, such as Google, Baidu Chinese exit, Chinese became the largest search engine, listed Jingdong, Alibaba is also listed, Ma is known as the richest man in the Chinese in high and vigorous spirits, millet, the business is more prosperous… So, these are. But these seemingly has nothing to do with us, all these characters at the altar, looks very close to us is actually very far away from us! Their success stories, can not be copied.

what mode can copy it? Grassroots entrepreneurial model can be copied, can be copied and effective. The meaning of reproduction is not completely copy, but to copy the mode of thinking, copy personality, copy execution!

said to me in a real thing, maybe this thing to say not in good taste, but will give us some inspiration, will give us a bit of courage, a direction towards success! More is shaping their independent thinking. How far we can go,


here in Beijing to talk about the story of cattle. In Beijing cattle, is not the other person.

in Beijing cattle, the use of QQ space from the star, in less than 8 months has earned a about one million light receiving VIP a year membership fee of hundreds of thousands, annual fee from the initial 2000 to 4000 now, cattle class more than 20 thousand already! Not statistics in the article by his promotion to make money.

this is the power of the stars, many fans, a lot of steel wire.

why did he succeed? He’s not a few of the stars, and he’s a circle. Many people are not warm at present.

why? Let’s listen to the cattle brother own interpretation.

the day before yesterday, I had the opportunity to hear the cattle brother secret sharing. Cattle brother share content such as >

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