How to strengthen the security of PayPal AlertPay account

recently had the hackers fraudulent use of station 07 years previously used by the user name fiiea74998 PP account registered in hacking through the station frame, and [email protected] mailbox stolen last year (unable to regain) engaged in hacking, who has stolen a Wangzhuan station account, has been in the domestic each big Wangzhuan forum activities, make friends who have broadsword income must be vigilant, hackers have been staring in the dark. In this Wangzhuan liar rampant in the industry, like this kind of thing will still occur frequently, the station want to through this event, to the majority of members to provide some basic security measures do Wangzhuan:

from the source to start, hackers can steal your account number and password, mainly through the invasion of your computer or steal the intrusion Wangzhuan station ID and password, so we should do the following basic safety measures:

1, strengthen the

computer antivirus hacker: do Wangzhuan computer security measures is the most basic +360 security guards to install genuine anti-virus software, antivirus. Once the computer was hacked to control, the following security measures do not have a good.

2, more than 80% of the Wangzhuan station database security range, is easy to hackers to steal the database information through various means, so as to achieve the online account and password. The key here is the "password", the password of your own Wangzhuan station and your mailbox password and the password for the PP/AP account to be different, and each other cannot have associated people easy to guess (such as birthday name before and after combination), so as to avoid theft because the password of your e-mail box, to steal all your Wangzhuan station password.

Make friends from

‘s perspective, PayPal/AlertPay account and email password is the password theft, online banking the money inside is transferred to an account or wangzhuan.

how to enhance the security of PayPal/AlertPay account?

first, you register your PayPal/AlertPay account password, the best is a combination of special characters + letters + numbers, preferably 18 or more, the password in the notebook; carefully set up a security question and answer, and put them in the notebook. Do not go to public places (such as Internet cafes) landing.

how to enhance the security of e-mail?

is the first to explain, there is not a lot of email security assurance (different from the PP/AP account password to retrieve the answer to the security question), hackers get your email password, the first time will immediately change the information security question and answer including to retrieve the password, the [email protected] last year after the theft, using a variety of approaches are unable to get back, because the security settings have been changed, the station was called to Shanghai Microsoft Chinese customer service department, they did not help to return the hotmail mailbox this service, but more encouraging discovery >

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