What is the higher Wangzhuan like games

What is the

Wangzhuan? Through the Internet to make money, what are his rules and definitions, so want to make money online, you must first understand, from where you can earn money!

            vote, pull line can earn money! Do stand earn advertising fees can earn money! Wangzhuan more cheating can earn money! The difference between the above is nothing more than how much time invested, the number of earnings were. Vote to pull off the assembly line I do not comment, not to say that he is not good, but what you want to make money, the premise is to make it do fine, bigger!, offline, not every vote and is buried AD, enter the verification code and unnecessary hang outside, still have time to think about yourself, hold a vote the alliance, to learn their own programming sets onhook software, estimated that few people would want to think more, not many people will do. Do stand promotion advertising money can earn money, and is a long-term, this is not flattering, but for a novice how to profit? How to see the money in the shortest time? For a novice at least HTML do not know how to modify a set of ASP, PHP incomplete source code? Even the most basic stations do not complete, what is out of order to optimize the weights of things. And don’t say you QQ friends every day to help me into the next stop, send me a IP, ha ha…. the individual can indeed do stand up, but think money is a long process to see, can persist to a few? Wangzhuan cheating can earn money in the shortest period of time, can also be said that he is a higher skill, very strict game.

advertisers, advertising alliance, the game between the three owners only. Advertisers money, advertising alliance is an accomplice, webmaster, to meet the demand of advertisers and the alliance, can be said that the stationmaster is essentially a computer using money of migrant workers. When advertisers give money to the alliance, the Union will find ways to spend the money, and deduct the amount from which to earn royalties. He let his alliance webmaster first earn money. However, the 9 win www.9v.cn exception, no matter the webmaster anyway, union belongs to an intermediate role, not only to please advertisers and supervise the webmaster, more to please the relationship with the owners, it is not easy! Personally feel like doing CPA, CPS is still good, after all, once such a coalition in a very short period of time to achieve a profit of 3 million, has become a household news!

some time ago and friends do SEO optimization of a keyword, do CPS, the fastest time of 4 hours, the income of 1200, can be said that if you choose to do alliance, can consider to try, then do 518CPS, good reputation, customer service also help us to solve many problems, you can visit http://s.518cps.com, recently as if to record www.518cps.com/index2.jsp

Wangzhuan, is actually the 3 characters of a game, advertisers to formulate the rules of the game, and the associated >

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