nternet cross-border traditional enterprises can really eliminate the traditional enterprise

"to the electricity supplier for the core of the Internet and even mobile Internet is only a tool, how to use the tool is the core? Only able to make good use of the Internet and even mobile Internet tools of traditional enterprises will have the opportunity for either TO C or TO B.

editor’s note: This article is recommended by @3W coffee. Author Liu Hongjiao, former Advisory senior director and vice president of the Comtech core city marketing. On Robin Li’s speech "Internet speed up the elimination of traditional enterprises" and.

from an Internet to traditional enterprises, transformation of electronic commerce case from traditional enterprises, to truly practice the business transformation of traditional electronic commerce, always wanted to write a little feeling, but never put into action, recently saw Robin Li in the Baidu alliance conference speech, combined with the recent mergers and acquisitions of Internet bigwigs like a raging fire, suddenly feel obligated will share a cross-border Internet for everyone to feel.

Robin Li in his speech that the Internet is accelerating the phase out of traditional enterprises, the Internet is a small industry in the entire Chinese, outside the Internet industry is more industry, and each of these industries are facing the impact of the Internet industry, of course, standing on the Internet people’s perspective, faced with almost unlimited opportunities. For this Robin, most agree, but some minor correction, I think the Internet is of far-reaching impact on Chinese industry, and the opportunity is huge, but the traditional enterprise is the opportunity to profit, traditional enterprises should speed up the elimination of traditional enterprises.

a, the far-reaching impact of the Internet on the industry has just begun

if it is to promote the development of the industrial era is the scale of the scale of the scale of production, then the post industrial era, to promote the development and progress of the times is the brand and service. In other words, if the previous innovation is still a slogan, so today, innovation is the cost, the Chinese enterprises have to face the choice.

Before the

in Fujian, Zhejiang investigated the generation of a large number of manufacturing enterprises, most of them are on behalf of the factory, or no brand, or brand is very limited, only the local second – or even three brand, previously, has been on the compression cost management, good in quality and price, has become almost all of the competitive advantage of enterprises, and now. Innovation, find the difference has almost become the consensus of all enterprises. During the inspection, a typical lighting business, the company in Fujian Xiamen local exports ranked in the top five, every year several million dishes, in recent years, although exports also increased, but the foreign trade situation is grim, competition, rising costs have to face problems. The transformation of the domestic three years, although there are tens of millions of dishes, but also rely on government relations, unstable, do direct sales, store, human input is too large, such as super channel, is not a brand to enter, two super Yahuo pressure. So, electricity providers became the enterprise only jiumingcao trade, how to build the brand through electronic business, expand new differentiated product line by the electricity supplier, find the point of innovation, has become the enterprise.

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