Snack contraction Transformation first graduates of the track of innovation works hard

innovation works the first incubation "graduation" enterprises — a snack is going through the throes of transformation, the mobile Internet business circles star enterprises began to reduce the size of the company since the end of last year, and accelerate the transformation.

to this end, snacks in the previous period has begun to scale down.

Innovation workshop Shanghai Office of human resources director Mark confirmed to reporters that the end of last year, the company has experienced a snack Shanghai layoffs, but the team has stabilized recently.

dim sum is experiencing a new round of transformation." In September 6th, Huang snacks COO told reporters that the company has changed from the previous ROM mobile phone manufacturers, rapid transformation into a App mobile phone manufacturers, the snack is trying once again to transition into the Web App platform vendors.


mobile phoneThe

was officially established in August 2010, when it was more commonly called the "pastry operating system" or "dim sum OS". There are reports that the founder Zhang Lei won the dessert Li Kaifu in 10 minutes (micro-blog) angel investment, and Li Kaifu has announced that he is all snack incubator project in "big brother and sister". In January 2011, dim sum became the first "graduate" project to hatch and move away from the innovation workshop.

snack was quite luxurious entrepreneurial team in the domestic mobile Internet entrepreneur, Zhang Lei was a core member of the first Baidu wireless, he previously at HUAWEI (micro-blog) development management has been focused on the field of telecom services and software. Snack products in president who work in the Tencent is responsible for the wireless 3G products, mobile phone QQ, Qzone, QQ, QQ and mobile phone browser sync assistant download mobile phone software and other related product planning and operation. While the company’s COO Huang was DELL Asia Pacific director of product marketing, after Silicon Valley ASUSTek Computer Inc is responsible for the sales and operations in canada.

In addition,

‘s research and development team has gathered employees from Google, Motorola, NOKIA, HUAWEI,, Shanda and other international and domestic well-known companies.

was engaged in the field of mobile phone. ROM was also high hopes, is two times the development based on the original Google Android system, get rid of some errors in the native system, and intelligent dialing, caller ID and other China local features, the industry called mobile phone ROM. As the mobile phone ROM direct control of the underlying resources of the entire phone, it is believed to be more mobile than the mobile phone App core Internet portal.

a snack and contacted the well-known foreign VC investors told reporters that the location is the first snack custom ROM software developers, then hope snack choice of partners are the industry’s big manufacturers, such as the three major operators, Qualcomm, MediaTek and other chip manufacturers (micro-blog), and some high-end brand mobile phone manufacturers, hope for its development.

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