The present situation and development trend of nternet advertising

network, lucky as if overnight, rapid change red people in high streets and back lanes; the conception to create new business miracle using network; and all advertisers, advertising, advertising agency life circle, also from more than a new term – "network advertisement". In view of the network information transmission efficiency high, and global coverage of incomparable, network advertisement is a new marketing channel has gradually become the new darling of the media industry.

once, when I was involved with a brand promotion, the other party urged me to create a message can lead the wave of promotion plan, therefore, that we can be exhausted all the brain inventory; now, in fact, each other’s needs, on the one hand we developed today are the senses, so now any one trigger a pandemic potential ", can always arouse our concern; on the other hand, the launch of the strategy, also really let the brand in half a year after the promotion for itself to seize the market, become an independent school, a series of promotion made a very good bedding.

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