How to earn one million The development of a secondary school student network management

  in 2000, I graduated. In 1997, from the countryside to the city, after graduation faced with a return to the countryside. A secondary school students, no skills, no family background, no technical expertise, born Harper, the only thing I can do is to go back to where I’m from. Repeat parents day after day, year after year. Is my city life only a short three years? Perhaps the fate of the turning point in the moment between the decision, so that I have everything today.

 , a confused;     in any case can not hold back the idea, well prepared to endure hardship, I am not afraid of failure, because this is what are not, when reaching the limit is no longer afraid.
      stay is the only goal of my hard work, not the work environment, not to pay, as long as I can meet the three meals a day, give me a place to live on the line. With this thought, began the process of looking for a job. On physical strength, I do not have a large uncle of farmers; on technology, I do not have; on the academic qualifications, I graduated from technical secondary school……
      where can I provide shelter, resting place for me. After experiencing a number of rejections, a small computer only 20 Internet cafes took me, no salary, eat on the Internet cafe, live in cafes to help look at the computer. Nevertheless, I am still satisfied that I feel like I’m on the edge with high technology. But I still can’t see the future, I don’t know if I can start my city.
      in the next, I work every day is a handyman, cleaning, loading machine, waiter, anyway, can do I have a package. The only good thing is to make friends with the Internet cafe boss, you can help him charge on the service desk, which is considered a side with the computer.

      two, learning
      although I contact the computer is only possible to help the boss charges, but this is not my purpose. In desperation, I sold my conscience and made two mistakes. One is the use of charging convenience, data tampering, can secretly leave their ten dollars a day, because the boss is young people, I also very honest, therefore has not found; another thing is to use the machine at the chance, I secretly used computer, began to learn computer knowledge, knowledge network.
      after half a year, I have assembled, computer application, Internet and other aspects are more familiar with the understanding, but also their own savings of more than 1 thousand dollars. But then something happened, let the boss of me with special respect.
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