So do Google Advertising, earn $100 thousand a month is not a problem

                  just after the new year, listen to a lot of webmaster complain about this year’s advertising is not good to do  . Advertising alliance is too much or too much, or the price is too low, anyway, it is difficult to find wishful. These days compares several well-known advertising, Google Advertising is not a problem to do There is much fineness in, make good words make $100 thousand a month.
                    some people may ask, movies, music, pictures website is not allowed to do Google Advertising? Yes, it can’t be. But don’t worry, to recruit "mingxiuzhandao, advance secretly by an unknown path" on it. To engage in a no copyright problem English (English garbage station station Google ads are generally relatively high price), then through hyperlinks, popups etc. the movies, music and pictures to Google Web traffic should be prepared English station advertising. Well, the first step to solve the flow problem.
                    with the flow, no one can not point. Even if someone points, the price is not cheap. What should I do? Of course, in the Google Advertising to prepare for the English trash station. In order to be more intuitive, I stayed up late last night to make a demonstration map out. See figure below:

      how to configure the English web page:
      a, select the highest price of keywords as the theme of the article. Do not click on Google ads, content is high, but the high price. What is the high price of key words, this move to think of the brain. For example: the treatment of terminally ill is very money, no doubt, for this kind of disease keywords price is not low. This model is selected on the cancer (cancer) as the key words.
      two, the background of Google Advertising as the background of web content. This step is nothing else, mainly in order to integrate the Google Advertising page.
      three, depending on the height of each Google ad unit to determine the height of the corresponding image and content. This step is mainly to let visitors mistakenly believe that Google Advertising is a corresponding part of the induced image and content.
      four, select the more attractive pictures. The degree of temptation to grasp the picture, the picture is too tempting, it will lead to excessive advertising clicks, it is easy to be

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