Taobao customer strategy marketing (two) commonly used in the promotion of the effectiveness of the

remember the last time sesame has told some Taobao customers basic common sense, this article will elaborate, there is a need to look at (Taobao customer marketing strategy: (a) a short time to master the Taobao customer skills)

a lot of friends to join Taobao off, most of the questions are how to solve the most popular. In the understanding of the Taobao customer, you want the promotion of goods on hand, but I do not know what to do. Even some friends chose to buy through their own, so that friends and friends to buy the way to earn a commission. In this case, can only make some fun, and make money, in fact, there may be some losses, not worthwhile. This section lists the sesame will be more common in the 10 promotion mode, for your reference, mainly the study, in the grasp of a certain foundation, can according to their own ideas, some improvements can be the key to make money, or you.

A: SNS station to do promotion, the most popular new promotion model

with the rise of SNS, more and more people began to sell their ten thousand member accounts. Why this account can sell a certain price that is because many people use this account to do Taobao. Of course, you can also add their own friends to do the promotion, but the purchase, it is more convenient. These friends can be buried by points, so that they can access their own space, and then put their own Taobao space in the promotion of goods, you can. Of course, the network is not allowed to send even happy, you can jump through a short URL to Taobao guest solution.

two: the use of Taobao itself to do promotion, more convenient but competitive mode

a lot of Taobao promotion guest friends, using some software, batch registered a large number of Taobao stores (some accounts have hundreds, it is not clear how to register so much, I am only 2) then, goods in these shops on the release and promotion of your goods of the same commodity, the promotion in the left on link. Only need to set the price is very low, occupy the front position can be. Of course, it should be noted that, although there are a lot of classification, but most of them are occupied by peers, so we should choose some of the relatively low competition to join. In addition, Taobao will often delete this commodity, so always remember to look at the update can be. Of course, this model is not recommended, compared to the impact of the market.

three: blog promotion, have a certain optimization experience

more experienced webmaster, will choose to promote this blog. Because the blog to have a certain SEO experience, relatively speaking, the blog than the site to low cost, simple. But the competition is also more intense, more difficult to operate. We recommend that one day to write 2-3 article original articles, the best and your goods related content, adhere to a month, there will be a certain effect. In addition, you can also go to some of the better blog advertising, the price is generally low. The key is to pay attention to the type of blog and sell goods to the same, otherwise the effect will be very poor.

four: use single >

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