Team collaborative application of TeamToy the birth of small and beautiful products


TeamToy is an innovative team of people oriented TODO (DOS) tool


"work has never been a lonely person, must be a group of people carnival."

this is the TeamToy home page ( on the slogan. TeamToy is an innovative team oriented multiplayer TODO (DOS) tools, goal is to get through each person in the team work, can work on other partners for comments, asking for help, calling and broadcasting.

but for those who have the fear of work, this tool is probably a nightmare, because its goal is to use the multi platform and mobile client, let you and colleagues at any time together".

TeamToy emphasizes the "thing" as the center, TODO function naturally becomes the core of the tool. For many have not used the tools to enhance the efficiency of users, TODO is a strange noun, it is representative of the to-do lists, and productivity tools to do is through the arrangement of to-do reasonably, to improve individual and team work efficiency.

TeamToy to improve the efficiency of the team has done a lot of optimization, such as the transfer of TODO, you can also directly @ colleagues help. TeamToy supports Chrome, Safari desktop client notification, and cross platform, ensure that team members can get push notifications, but also have rich mail list function, real-time synchronization and a key to make calls, send SMS, query extension.

if TeamToy just has the above features, that is, a better design of the efficiency tool.

It is because

is specially introduced for two reasons: 1, TeamToy is open source software and has the ability to provide a complete API, the developers can develop their own desired function on this basis; 2, the new version of the TeamToy concept, design and development are made by a person with half of his spare time to complete.

said the source, that is to say you can not directly go to the TeamToy page to register an account began to use, you need to download the source code and install it to your own server or hosting providers can use. Of course, TeamToy designers are also very intimate to provide a key to install the function on the Sina cloud store. The reason why choose Sina cloud store, a large part of the reason is because it is the author of the Sina cloud store product leader @Easy (Chen Lijie).

Chen Lijie in 2004 to enter Sina to do technology, and then leave the business, the first version of TeamToy is to build a communication between the entrepreneurial team. Then Easy back to Sina to do cloud computing, while

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