One year Wangzhuan incessantly left with nothing whatsoever but unwilling to give up

has been engaged in the work of the software industry, network research is relatively small. 09 years, I can’t feel so waste your youth, decided to choose an industry to study, election to election, the final selection of wangzhuan. The reason is simple – only the industry I have the most familiar with the technical basis.

09 years in May to buy the first space database and domain name, and spent more than and 400 to buy a set of development comprehensive portal place is perfect (I know that piracy is very cheap, just as a developer, I want to respect another developer labor). After a simple modification, three days after the start of the operation.

The beginning of the hard

Wangzhuan I think needless to say we all know. All day long acquisition, post, seems to have little effect. Gradually, no interest, then the work is busy, so the station has been placed there. Half neither dead nor alive. Later work and leisure, began to consider how the station and, after much deliberation, haven’t figured out what clue, during which suddenly warmed to IDC, in the repeated contradiction, spent 2500 to join a IDC agent. Just want to play some time, the company came to the big project. So stranded…… Three months after the end of the project, the company, and has already set a good wedding nature can not be changed, so it is nearly two months of busy. Everything settled down, I again want to engage in Wangzhuan, but found that they have not had the power. After a good tune, want to start again, and just happened to the Ministry of information industry crackdown. Batch batch of the computer room was closed, a large number of individual owners want to cry without tears. Because of my website forum, so it is the operator ordering for rectification…… In this way, I closed my website. Subsequently, the IDC industry began to shuffle, in the harsh environment, a large number of small IDC have closed down. My IDC and domain agent also trapped, a variety of promotional advertising really can not afford to do, because they need to go to work, so the energy is not enough. And I really do not want to have to go to work, I want to find the hope of development. Tangled, tangled. In the meantime, I tried to use overseas space, but I do not know why overnight, all China Unicom users are unable to access my space. I wasted more than and 800 dollars.


small IDC operating on the struggling, struggling, not enough time and energy, I feel more helpless. The days after marriage although stable, but for people working all day in and day out to make me full. But unexpectedly, eventually fell to my wife first broke out, her unit (she has been a full of intrigue and intrigues of the institutions) the sinister leadership derided some, resigned.

Oh, actually she resigned from where I was happy, after all that shit units not only earn less, because there is no preparation is excluded, finally all day and me. Do not do it, she chose the wedding dress industry, we began to plan her business. As a result of pre prepared, so two months before the end of the preparation

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