Push back into startups difficult to bear the flow of your favorite

this is a very typical scene: 20 year old Zhang San (a pseudonym) from an electronics factory in Dongguan work out of the workshop, after a hard day, want to find some entertainment.

he took the HUAWEI Android mobile phone from his pocket, came to the factory that the small size of the telecom business office. The business hall has been filled with a dozen people like him, many workers in the selection of new mobile phone, or some small problems and passing on the mobile phone business hall, the clerk was impatiently sent them.

this time, responsible for mobile phone software one door of the operating room and the three chatted up, three that he can be free through the door of the operating room of the dual interactive machine downloads to all entertainment he wants: the new Hongkong cinema, the legendary Phoenix song and a trendy game, or other some fun mobile phone software…… So, he did not hesitate to fill the phone content, until the memory card has been unable to accommodate.

of course, all of the three play by a set of behind the scenes system control, as long as Zhang on the phone to play games, shopping, consumption, behind it may be involved in the split into three.

"only about 10% of the people in the shop will choose to choose to go, most people will think little of our default recommended to install the software." Specializing in mobile phone media pointing to promote the application of the executive director Lin Chao told reporters, a few months ago, pointing at the start of some experimental factory gate in the Pearl River Delta of this business, the effect is surprisingly good, it is no exaggeration to say that they are the direct control of a considerable part of mobile phone DaGongZu, they can recommend A games. Can also recommend B games, depending on which game manufacturers offered more money.

internet promotion way has been to make people unbearable, promotion of the ground began to become the new darling of many start-up companies. Especially in the process of China’s Internet and mobile Internet quickly to three or four lines of urban and rural areas, the most primitive way to push the most effective.

three low crowd best suited to push

to start Lin Chao brought a thing inspired, shortly before he retired at home dad had their first smart mobile phone, the HUAWEI smart machine 499 yuan a China Telecom customized, but for a long time did not use.

Lin Chao taught his father how to buy things on the phone with Jingdong mall. Unexpectedly, Dad actually bought in the above on the addiction, a get out of hand, he used a mobile phone in the Jingdong has purchased the Lenovo pad, Patriot (micro-blog), PHILPS electric shaver computer audio, including LCD TV that thousands of yuan of big guy. Lin Chao dad tasted the sweetness of online shopping, but also taught a large number of old friends around how to buy things on the Jingdong.

Lin Chao jokingly said, dad taught with mobile phone shopping less help the Jingdong Year bring 100 thousand of sales, if he had recommended that Suning easy.

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