Firefox users for fourth consecutive months of growth

Beijing on March 4th news according to foreign media reports, Web analysis report, published in February, assessment agencies Net day before Applications, Mozilla Firefox browser (Firefox) the number of users increased by 17%, this is the fourth consecutive month of growth. The assessment agency reported that according to the tracking survey data on more than 40000 sites worldwide, in February, about 17.3% of the users use the Firefox browser to access the site, 0.25 percentage points higher than in January than in October last year, up 2.3 percentage points.

Firefox 3 Beta 2 version of the number of users in February also nearly doubled growth, about 0.18% of the month’s browser users to visit their web pages, and in January the proportion is still up to 0.1%. A week ago, Mozilla suspended the development of the Firefox 3 Beta 4 beta, which is expected to be released in early March. At the same time, Mozilla may decide this week whether to carry out the next test version of the development, or directly to the standard version of the operation.

addition, the recent number of users has been in the growth momentum of Apple’s Safari browser, a slight decline in February. The same month, the number of users of Mac OS X 5.7%, slightly lower than in January, but more than the same period last year, nearly 1 percentage points.

Microsoft IE browser users fell for eighth consecutive months, in February was 74.9%, compared to the same period last year was 79.4%. But the number of IE 7 users also showed a rising trend, this month reached 44%, 43.9% in January; the old IE 6 still has a large number of fans, the number of users is 30.6%. On Wednesday, Microsoft will host the Mix 08 conference in Las Vegas, when it will launch IE 8 browser. According to reports, the version of the browser version of the test has been accepted by some users, and may soon be officially launched to the public. However, it is the first to respond to the call of developers and competitors, comply with the existing Internet standards, to achieve better compatibility.

last month, Microsoft in the outside world, including Bill ·, under the pressure of Gates, announced some details of IE 8. Then, the Microsoft developers have been regularly on the IE blog post IE8, but an article in the end of January claimed that IE8 was born will bring a new "super standard" mode, the results led to sharp criticism of some Web developers.

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