Do network entrepreneurial attributes and experience must complement each other

we all know that the Internet as a result of the infiltration of people’s lives and occupy an increasingly important position in the workplace, in recent years, relying on the Internet to generate profitable projects. To personal brand blogs, portals, large business platform, payment system, everyone will be more realistic in the consumption and demand of grafting to the Internet this new land, and thus derived the entrepreneur is beyond count.

but for everyone, it is really not a casual talk about the term. Sad and insist this is also one of us can literally reflected, but today I also not for gossip, but according to a few examples around me, to share my experience on the network business. Although they do just like software design work after graduation, and a few friends together to open the studio, but the personal feeling of the network business between each other or have a lot of similarities, often made in an industry to avoid mistakes, then you can make yourself walk less detours in other industries.


views on creativity

we all know, pay attention to a quick word on the Internet thinking, what need time and time. This means that you are likely to end in the expected service life, but a good idea is not casually to productivity. Especially we somersault cloud, in order to ensure the quality of the speed on the basis of a lot of effort really. But a very cruel reality lies in front of the competition. One can make money in the industry, after all, is to do together, and we will be used in one place, there will be repeated. Therefore, this means that when you think of a idea, there may be 1000 people have thought of, 100 people in the preparation of business plans, and the 10 people ready to do it, a person has come out. And this is what a person depends on, that is, to adhere to and execution.

therefore, we have to understand that creativity is very important for the development of a project, but not quite an overwhelming advantage, that is to say you have a good idea is not successful, the real will this idea into productivity is the key, so as to create on the surface you lost the idea, don’t panic may, this is a better opportunity. The definition of a product innovation may have broader prospects for development. Domestic Tencent at this point is that we can learn from the example.

ideas about partners

China partners we have seen no, we do not know the inside of the plot and remember when Wang Yang got married, he said such a sentence, people in this life can’t do three things, first can not play mahjong and the wife’s mother, not smarter than you and second women to go to bed, and third is not the best the friend partnership company. Although this is a joke, but iron clank revealed a reality, that is in the Chinese, in the Internet world, the traditional.

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