Do Wangzhuan do need to start from the user experience

Wangzhuan, after years of development, gradually from the gray to white, more formal, an industry in the absence of formal, it is easy to produce a number of outbreaks become rich; it is formal, produce a lot of quality, savvy rich. For Wangzhuan a certain extent, can be understood as sales are need to complete the whole process, so we must do Wangzhuan do need to start from the user experience.

customer is God, the customer is uncle, ha ha, this word is not false. To do regular Wangzhuan, have masses, the masses have well based user experience. The user is comfortable, his wallet will drum up. Now every year 315 activities are done crazy booming, has engaged in product or company of friends know, each to this time, how much pressure now, life is getting better, consumers on the quality of service requirements more and more high, not satisfied with the refund; although the network is now called a refund have not formed the scale, but China will one day be the perfect, perfect when, if the user experience is not good, so profitable space is much smaller. In general, there are several reasons why we have to register the user experience

first, living standards continue to improve

Sui with the development of economy, people’s living standard is getting better, the hands of the tickets and more, will Joseph, of course more money, spend too much money, everyone has many opportunities, who captured the hearts of customers, is equivalent to catch customer wallet.

second, perfect laws and regulations.

the development of each industry, will be accompanied by the sound legal system, no rules and regulations, not Cheng Fangyuan, to some extent limit the development of many people, but also a lot of specification of the formal sector, informal competition; consumer regulations perfect, will use the seller or small businesses the excuses and loopholes.

third, increased awareness of consumer rights

in the past, consumers buy inappropriate things, may heart cursed it, but now it is different, usually direct rights, or change, or retire, or legal rights, personally think that this is a good thing, this is in progress prompted us, forcing us to pay more attention to the user experience. We do Wangzhuan, like so, whether it is open or open the website, website, must empathy, they think about is what kind of service, what kind of products.

fourth, fierce peer competition

is now less and less monopoly, the monopoly has the ability to say: do not use my product, you have no choice. But we do Wangzhuan, generally there is competition, competition, competition for the market, occupy the market, who accounted for much, who is the winner, a deciding factor, is the user experience, users love your website, love your product, the market will naturally be occupied by you.

here only summed up four points, welcome to add, >

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