Tencent announced temporarily limit the number of friends to add QQ

Tencent announcement:

Dear users:

now, due to malicious websites using the hook to add friends, wantonly to QQ users to send mass add friends invited and illegal advertising on the part of the QQ user caused serious harassment, therefore, we temporarily on the QQ to add friends to do the following restrictions:

1, each QQ number up to one day to send 50 invitation to add friends.

2, on suspicion of malicious IP, a IP day to send up to 500 additional friends invited, once more than 500, the system will have the conditions and choices, long time automatically limit part IP to send invitations to add friends.

3, such as your QQ cannot send invitations to add friends, please go to http://s.im.qq.com to download and install the latest version of QQ "QQ2005 official version". As an upgrade to a "QQ2005 official version" is still unable to send the invitation to add friends, please contact the Tencent customer service center (address: http://s.service.qq.com, Tel: 0755-83765566). If any inconvenience, please understand.

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