Mom a mess in the advertising market

Ali mom is an advertising trading platform, but I think it is more like a flea market advertising. As I write this blog now, Ali mother has 14542 ad 9503 sites a, this is a huge market! Imagine, 9503 small traders display 14542 different commodity collective sale, it needs a lot of space, and magnificent scene! However, the scene does not represent the scale of those flea market stall as we often see, mom in the advertising market, compared with ifheavier, and Ali mother highlighting two characteristics as follows:

1, just the number, not the quality, garbage sites filled with

wandering in the Ali Mama, we can often find some people actually just in Sina for a blog, and the blog automatically sent the first article or Sina system of the article, only in second hung a Ali mother advertising code to sell advertising, but pricing is not low. The world is really big, Nothing is too strange.

why above? This and Ali mother just birth, regardless of education, just got a market, but not just investment, guidance and supervision of the advertising market price and advertising seller. This situation does not improve, I doubt whether the advertisers dare to such advertising market to buy advertising, advertising the seller’s advertising is really can sell.

2, the ad does not have a reasonable pricing mechanism, the price is uneven

Ali mother like a no plan to control completely rely on the market this "invisible hand" manipulation of the free market, the 9503 sites 14542 advertising price as the pricing by advertising the sellers themselves, and Ali mother didn’t have a reasonable pricing mechanism, many sellers do not know this give yourself the advertising how price is reasonable, so the emergence of advertising pricing is unreasonable phenomenon. Some advertising by self give yourself a few cents and a few dollars, advertising even sold what difference and free? Objectively and also disrupt the advertising market, is really a dog in the manger; and some websites have just established a few days every day, independent IP less than ten, but have no shame to set their own 10 thousand / week, this is really the advertisers are fool.

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