Pay Per Call advertising and natural combination of wireless marketing

from the beginning of 07 years, Pay Per Call (press every call Fu Fei) the concept of good fire! "The third generation of Internet advertising," active "precision marketing" these names have crown to PPC head.

in June this year, I and Gao Hongbing (the founder and chairman of the ant interaction) in the three Guizhou International Building ideal dinner, table and considering the three of us are walking together "and" dialogue "producer, I have talked about all over the country nonsense PPC advertising. He also believes that PPC marketing has some of their "weakness", for example, each call at least a few yuan marketing costs, is undoubtedly more suitable for higher monomer value industries such as the automobile 4S service, club membership sales, travel line products, real estate, or to attract users repeatedly consumption become loyal users of enterprises such as catering services, etc..

from the search engine advertising, this enterprise or prepaid recharge mode, the biggest problem to determine the user behavior of active consumption costs is evil click/ PPC with malicious malicious clicks, the call will also be a hindrance to the spread.

said, each kind of new marketing model must have its advantages and disadvantages, depending on the company’s marketing objectives and strategies to do comprehensive design considerations. The same day, selling Shiseido Shiseido products, then, may not go to the large-scale use of PPC, but the DHC may do, although the price is cheaper. But more than Shiseido La Mer high-end blue mystery but apply PPC to be a single product profit since it can cover the cost of PPC, and La Mer Club identity will be stronger.

In fact, before the

and BD web lianxun boss talk, director Chan have combined to find me to talk about PPC and wireless Internet, hope we can through the influence on wireless Internet to spread PPC.

engage in WAP on the PPC, there are at least two major advantages:

1, terminal catalyst medium: because the WAP carrier is mobile phone, natural default for personal communication terminal equipment, thus transforming cost reduction and efficiency improvement. If the web search to a number to dial, the user experience is too expensive! While WAP browsing process can click a "free consultation" button at.

2, no need to enter the mobile phone number to optimize the user experience through the method of good cooperation as everyone knows, or operators, direct access to mobile phone number, without requiring the user to input in the Web dialog box, to avoid the numerous network alliance promotion trick the user to enter the mobile phone number out of the psychological shadow of tariff deduction.

out of the wireless Internet, who can gain competitive advantage in the PPC advertising market? Nothing more than the following:

1, good relationship with telecom operators;

2, a powerful Sutra

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