For just contact Wangzhuan novice friends hope you not detours

to write this article, want to communicate with new friends what is higher, how to make a pot of gold from the Internet, what is right, what is wrong, the following represents only several years of my experience, for reference only. Wangzhuan, must have just come into contact with the word friend is see is the all Union foreign registration, how many dollars and so on, or write a certain post "see from a forum day earning $XX" etc.. I do not, do not do these to do the Commission to do the project, not qualified to comment on their advantages and disadvantages. Below we talk about I personally think that a good Wangzhuan project. (rank by row)

NO1. Google advertising alliance (CPC)

this estimate is the webmaster to do, the price is higher than other credit union, needless to say, some of the alliance to the settlement when you closed account, but not GG, but note that GG do not cheat, do, GG will give you the reward. The application of the GG alliance page is Google Chinese website below the "join marketing plan", click "select the website, need to get their own website for application through to get the code to hang back after the website be profitable.

NO2. Baidu advertising alliance (CPCCPACPS)

advertising alliance with Google almost, but the Baidu alliance has many other projects to choose from. We can go to see.

NO3. Ali mother (Taobao guest CPS)

now many webmaster in Taobao, Taobao customer has the advantages of simple operation, only need to get out of your goods belong to the promotion links, as long as people through this link you buy the goods, you can get the corresponding recommendations to the Commission, the promotion of some weight loss products, the Commission is very impressive. No site can also go to the forum to promote the product, this is very simple, but requires a certain post skill, this need a Alipay account name authentication.

I currently do this several union project, do Wangzhuan premise is best to have their own website, I think this is the best way to use the site to promote Wangzhuan, not only can learn marketing knowledge, can let you understand the search engine, better learning SEO. I belong to the original, respect the author’s intellectual property rights, reprint please keep this information, thank you!

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