BranchOut turn business focus from the user to improve the product

Beijing on July 3rd news, the U.S. technology blog BusinessInsider writer Alison · Shortl (Alyson Shontell) recently published article said that the number of users of the social network BranchOut occupation Facebook decreased significantly in the past two months on April from 8 million people reduced to 2 million 700 thousand people. The article pointed out that, according to BranchOut founder Rick · Marini said that this change is because the company has changed its business focus, get re design an important product turn from the user, the product will be released in a few months.

The following is the full text of this article:

At some point, a start-up company that seems to be doing very well could suddenly become in danger,

said. In April of this year, BranchOut’s monthly active users reached 8 million people, compared with last year in December, a substantial increase in the number of people in the 400 thousand, which has attracted a lot of media and investor attention. BranchOut is a Facebook based social network that helps people find jobs through social networking.

‘s impressive growth in the number of users makes it easy for BranchOut to raise $25 million in funding for the C series. At the time, BranchOut founder Marini (Rick · Rick Marini) received from more than 25 investors.

but two months later today, BranchOut traffic has dropped significantly. Today, the number of monthly active users of BranchOut is only 2 million 700 thousand, compared with April, a decrease of more than half.


the number of monthly active users (Tencent technology plan)

was yesterday that we had a conversation with Marini, talked about the BranchOut user, where investors of the number has dropped, and the views on the future of the company means what problems.

, according to Marini, BranchOut has been able to attract 8 million users in just over five months, the reason is that the company will be user access as its primary task. Under his leadership team efforts to obtain the viral Facebook in the spread of power, so that users have flocked to BranchOut; but these users do not really use this product, so that Marini realized that if he wants to retain users and build a new one to have a sustainable space for development of the company, so it is necessary to change the focus of the concern.

about 45 days ago, Marini started with the blessing of investors

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