2007 advertising trends in China

with CCTV bidding for a new high, we are busy next year advertising program, and then to the advertising company than the draft of the peak season is when the forecast trend China advertising next year, to share with you.

        first, a full range of marketing investment returns

        advertising return on investment has been much attention to advertisers. Next year the advertiser’s return on investment will be holistic.

        as the media environment becomes more complex, the need to consider the need for more effective access to consumers, which has been more than only through the media can do it. So, how to show the return on customer input, will also become the top priority of various marketing channels.

        two, conventional advertising can no longer meet the needs of customers

        new content involved with product placement, has become a routine and innovative practice.

        since last year, the "super girl" successfully created a new media content, to attract viewers and advertisers to actively participate in the full support of the cooperation with the media, advertisers will no longer as in the past simple routine.

        with the Olympics approaching, a breakthrough in the frame and beyond the conventional requirements for next year, advertising practices will emerge.

        three, consumers become more "

    all flurry and confusion";;     with the city people especially young people "multitasking" has become a common phenomenon, multimedia sharing has become the essential strategy of advertising media.

        multi activity (Multi-tasking) has become the normal life of consumers, the Internet, and listen to the radio, watch TV, or in the phone…… Therefore, it is more difficult to get into contact with the advertising information as easily as the previous group of people, advertising content with the creative needs to be updated in order to meet this fact.

        four, competitive media will attach importance to the marketing of

        in order to meet the Olympic Games, different media will hold in 2007, to improve its image quality and the audience, but also to strengthen the college.

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