The use of Sina blog cited traffic day earned $10

I take this topic but not curry favour by claptrap 09 years of SOHO experience. That an experience that I spent two years of savings, although the money spent, but there have been some professional website technology and Wangzhuan ideas, now work free, write "using the Sina blog drainage make $10 a day" hoping to play a role.

the first step, to find a day to visit tens of thousands of sina celebrity blog, it is best to find their own websites related to Sina celebrity blog.

I did before the stock station, I’m looking for Ye Rongtian’s Sina blog:, look at the Baidu Encyclopedia of will know how much fire, as shown in Figure:


second step to ensure that the celebrity blog home page has a visitor module

this is a very important point, to know the celebrity blog can not give you a link to the site


the third step, the establishment of a blog with the content of the celebrity blog Sina (, each article can be very obvious to allow visitors to see the link to their web site chain

fourth step, open a PV browser can automatically brush (TT browser) every 30 seconds to refresh a celebrity blog page, so your Sina blog head will always be displayed in the celebrity blog visitors bar.

summary: This article discusses the skills is to use Sina blog to guide the recent visitors to traffic, similar to the recent visitors to QQ space. As long as the flow is large enough, there will always be some boring to visitor icons, so set a notable for their own Sina blog avatar is also important (such as the flower residue).

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