Talk about the station do GG make money experience

I am just an amateur website production enthusiasts, they will not write the program, has been in the process of modifying others.

is now operating a station for about half a year, IP is only about 1000, but the station every month I can bring about 2000 of revenue, the station can do this, I have been very satisfied.

let me talk about the station to earn a penny experience (hope prawns do not laugh at me):

my station design is very simple, the above picture can not find a few, there is only one kind of advertising on the station, is GG

station daily IP is only about 1000, in the background of the GG display advertising display number of times about 15000 times a day, showing the daily click on it more than and 20. Do GG know, Chinese advertising is very valuable, probably only 0.01 per click. 20 times that is 0.2D, earn so little money, it is better not to do, so I thought of some ways. You may know that I want to cheat, yes, I do GG more than half a year, has been cheating, but GG has not K me. This may be related to my cheating method. According to my understanding of the GG organization, GG’s click rate if more than 0.2%, or more than 200D per month, then this account may be strict censorship. So I do not cross this line has been GG. I would like to, I have 15000 times the number of ads every day, so that I can point to a day or not, in the absence of cheating, the natural point of the people there are 20, then there are 10 I can freely control. So I joined a number of points, with others point. But I do not have the same number of times a day with each other more than 10, so I click on the control rate of 0.2-0.3. You may have to ask, 30 to 0.3 ah, for this, because English advertising more valuable, and according to the key words are not the same, the money is not the same, so I chose a good keyword, according to the key words made a special English page. Later found that the page of a click of the ad actually have 0.8-9 (although there are more expensive keywords, but I am more satisfied, so it has not changed), so I use this page every day with people. (the National People’s Congress too will know each other, every day 4 GG data update, the advertisement is the most expensive, but here I want to remind you that in order to insurance, with each point to the best time apart, or every day at that time, is the chance of K must be large.).

so, I now the station traffic, without cheating, my GG clicks can be about 20, plus I told each other, so my daily income is also more than 5D.

finally talk about what to do GG experience:

1. To be familiar with and understand the rules of the GG, this is the most basic, but also the most important, like their own point of advertising, click on the rate of 50%, and so on, it is to find their own K. >

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