Excellence, Dangdang, Jingdong three advertising alliance

my site "dangdang.com book" parity is a textbook website, mainly compares dangdang.com, joyo.com, three Jingdong website book price. After several months of development, sum up the advantages and disadvantages of the three alliances:

1, union account registration

Dangdang, excellent network are open registration, registration can be used. Jd.com is to be registered by the audit, audit and extremely slow, a few weeks if not audit, the audit did not pass, can not be re submitted to the site, also can’t change the website submitted, only to re submit a site registered account, it is very powerful".

comments: Dangdang, excellence network 10 points, Jingdong.

2, commission Commission

this is the most concerned about the webmaster. Jingdong network is 8%, excellent network is 4%, Dangdang is $3%, are full of $100 to pay. But Dangdang has an egg rule: 30 yuan of the following orders are not involved in the Commission, that is, the order did not reach $30, you can not get a penny. Because the book price is not high, I have a lot of such accounts in the union account.

comments: Jingdong 10 points, excellent network of 5 points, dangdang.

3, the production of advertising links

these one point three sites are very good. Advertising can be linked to the site of each commodity, each channel, activities, various sizes of picture advertising links are everything, quite rich. In addition, Dangdang has intelligent advertising, according to the content of the site to display the relevant advertising, similar to GGAD. Excellent network provides API interface, is also quite good.

comments: Dangdang 10 points, excellent network of 10 points, Jingdong.

4, the richness of the report

joyo.com report is very good, order reports, earnings report can see the customers to buy the price of each item and the webmaster in advertising revenue, classification of the report, you can see various types of advertising (including text chain, Banner advertising, search box and so on) show the amount of traffic, the purchase amount and the conversion rate. Analysis of the webmaster to adjust their web site advertising has a very big help. Is in want of perfection can not see a statement of the day, every day at 0 pm the day before the report.

Dangdang only order statements, income statements, income statements can be seen in the customer’s order number, order time, as well as the details of the goods purchased.

jd.com only order report, the income statement, but not to the customer’s order number, as well as the goods, do not know what type according to the Commission, live muddleheaded.

comments: excellent network 10 points, Dangdang 4 points, Jingdong.

synthesis of the above points: excellent network 35 points, Dangdang 25 points, Jingdong. Excellent wanglian >

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