The Google Adsense program adjusts the crash of many online money makers

Recent changes in the

Adsense advertising program have raised concerns among many website owners and online money makers. Many people have seen their Adsense advertising revenue decline significantly. 4 to 5 digit income disappeared overnight. For many, the "Google Adsense" bubble has burst.

What happened to


first, Google changed its Adsense program, so that advertisers can choose between search results or content pages AdSense publishers. And start accepting higher bids. Search results are better than content ads.

then, Google began to fight spam AdSense site. These sites are mainly the use of automatic acquisition software generated duplicate web pages, these pages are really annoying. Google will also ban redirection and membership landing pages – a lucrative source of revenue for many online marketers.

These changes in the

Adsense program have led to the collapse of many online money makers. Some Internet marketers have speculated that recent changes could even mean Adsense’s death.

online marketer Scott even released a free report entitled "Adsense’s death".

many advertising alliance members agree with some of Scott’s views, especially the obvious fact that the use of AdSense in the web content is the bottom of the online marketing ladder. Different from the click of a few cents, many alert Wangzhuan people to realize that the use of CPA (every action paid) and direct product agent "links, they can produce higher income. If you can earn $5, $10, or more than $100 per click, why do you want to make a few cents Adsense?

CPA will be a good alternative to Adsense context advertising


if any, Google is the most natural choice of the middleman. In addition, many shrewd businessmen know that Google is a trusted brand on the Internet, Google recommend any products and services will be easier to sell. Many people believe that Google has occupied the dominant position of the network. After numerous adjustments, many website owners to haunt Google. In the Google era, it was normal to win and lose. But everyone thinks control of Google search engine is tantamount to a ride on the back, always thrilling, unless you become unhappy by Google out of the game in one.

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