Play SEO earn money is not a good webmaster

A few days ago

QQ met a friend asked me to do a website, your website still does not engage in, it stood at the end of last year’s record storm hanging, left a friend to do, I think: the domain name if I had 6, only 4 of the station and asked me for a year how much money the domain name space, no? I Qiazhiyisuan domain name: 6 a year more than and 300, the cost of some space for one year is more than and 600, NND, such as the year 1000 oceans! Income of several stations with 0, because these are my own interest in building, has not hung over any advertising, did not consider the question of making money


speaking of this web site to make money, in fact I also earned thousands of dollars, that was 05 years, 06 years, was still in college, love the Internet mobile phone, then bought a Beijing mobile card, 15 yuan a month, not limited to traffic, it is free website rarely, the first contact is music hearing, and the WAP century, WAP century was launched a free WAP self-help Station system, I was the first batch of users, so I also built several WAP sites, respectively, picture station, station, bell game station, then as long as people download advertising pictures, ringtones and games, one is 1-4 yuan, half down, I found that my account was 2000 yuan, that excited ah! Then WAP anti vice, WAP century falls, there are 500 yuan in my account is not raised, depressed! 07 years CN domain started a yuan storm, I also registered A start, independent community station, space with the wow flutter net free space, this is all WAP advertising alliance appeared and began to do better, more honest, I do have a 300-600 easily download station in January revenue, in the 07 year the beginning of the second half, all kinds of advertising alliance appeared. A lot of good faith, large advertising began to buckle, and WAP sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, too much, no way, I had to do a single click to click on ads, about 0.2 yuan, but on very few people, so I launched free qq COINS activities, is a member of every click on the ads to accumulate some integral, reach a certain integral can exchange coins, such advertising came down in January more than and 300, remove the exchange qq COINS, there are more than and 200 income, to 08 years, oh, this is not good, remove a QQ Monthly income of more than more than and 100, less than only more than 50 yuan, plus their own work, so completely give up! The storm of the past 09 years, my station officially announced a break!

SEO is now popular, many people learn SEO, last year I wrote an article: novice learning 10 blog seo will, now find the 10 seo blog has closed, some now do not do SEO, do not update the blog! In fact, making money on the SEO service technology is the most tired, live, competition and big, so many people now rely on SEO training to make money, but these people learn by SEO can really make money? If you enter a good company, can.

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