Skyline push advertising platform to raise funds for PO

      July 13th afternoon news reported according to "Web2.0" China comments said, one of the most popular community website Chinese — Tianya community launched a new theme of the advertising system Adtopic recently, aimed at raising funds for IPO.

and blog for the theme of the advertising system is different, the end of the community advertising system integrates the enterprise blog and Google  Adwords advertising matching system. To use this system, companies must first register space, and then can put ads. Its ads will be displayed on the right side of the relevant announcement. Travel ads on the left. Due to the theme of the link to the company’s own blog, so they can manage user comments, delete those negative comments.

currently, Tianya community has 20 million registered users. In 2005, it received a $2 million 500 thousand investment from Lenovo Inc.

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