Online transactions, who is the gatekeeper

Chen has been commissioned to go to Hongkong on business friends with duty-free cosmetics, recently she saw on the Internet, a bottle of Hao Lena eye cream for only 495 yuan, lower than the price in Hongkong.

she was a bit worried, but worried about buying fake.

Chen worries are not redundant. As early as 4 years ago, the world’s leading luxury brand Tiffany (Tiffany) had sued a domestic website. Because, Tiffany found 19 thousand fake their own brand jewelry on the site.

feel to buy fake perfume users Zhang had complained to the site, asking for return. Website told her that the buyer to provide evidence to prove the existence of goods quality problems, or can not return. I have to spend a sum of money to the authority of the quality inspection report issued to return." Helpless Zhang can only think of bad luck.

Zhang suffered so Industrial and Commercial Bureau even bargain branch secretary Wang Zhijun tricky. Real deal to buy fake 12315 complaints to the business sector, and the online store did not register in the industrial and commercial registration, the two no business address, investigate and deal with difficulties.

attractive discount recharge card trap

point open Wuhan red shield information network, Wuhan consumer complaints department director Wu Dongming let reporters see a complaint.

from Inner Mongolia Chifeng friends said, claiming to be "Wuhan Oriental communications technology company" published in the online discount Mobile Recharge Card sales information, he remittance 8000 yuan to buy 1000 cards, prepaid card cannot be opened. According to the requirements of the communications company, he again remittance 5000 yuan opening fee, still unable to open. A few days later, the company actually asked for 8000 yuan management fee.

loss of 13 thousand yuan, Inner Mongolia netizens regret. Wu Dongming suggested that the user to report to the public security organs, but no invoice, two no transaction credentials, how to file?

obviously deceived, but not for their own argument, Inner Mongolia users encounter is not a case.

Wu Dongming said that only through the online complaint platform, this year he has received nearly a hundred online shopping card complaints, complaints about online shopping every day. Due to lack of transaction credentials, most difficult to adults.

industry self-regulation is not enough

difficult consumer rights, consumer protection department to the WHO for online transactions "gatekeeper"


according to the Ministry of Commerce issued "guidance" on online transactions, the China online trading service providers, must undertake to maintain trading order, safeguard the interests of users and consumer protection duties.

this also means that the site will play the dual role of platform providers, regulators.

in the face of fake and consumer disputes emerge in an endless stream trap, shopping website, Taobao launched the first "alipay". This is a third party account remit money to the account of the buyer, the seller shipped, the buyer receiving confirmation, "Alipay" to remit money to the seller.

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