Wangzhuan the road will be how to go down

my age is not too short, that was when I was in my sophomore year 97, relatively high at the time of the computer configuration or Pentium two, common memory or 32M, most of Chinese also had almost absolutely ignorant of the network, an email will feel very proud, at that time, I will start the Internet course.

arrived in December 2004, often feel very boring, chat is a waste of time, what to say and do not know a person, articulate in life I should count on, but to QQ, do not know what, I also did not expect to meet girls through QQ, life I do not lack specific moisture, until now, the slowest record chasing girls or 11 days. (I don’t blow a cow – loss oh) later, I only use a notebook to download movies home as I surf the Internet only to.

in there today, in the open directory to see the movie the wisdom network advertising, what "wearing pajamas also can make money", "monthly income of tens of thousands of you can do it too", I look at the ads, feel there is a certain truth, think through their own efforts, can also be a monthly income of million or more, a hot head, to do a bank card, and opened an online bank, give yourself on the line to remit 50 yuan, owns its own propaganda page. After a month, found not as imagined easy money, no one to pull off the assembly line, but also waste a lot of time, not a penny earned, I worried! And a lot of people, I was brought into the world wisdom net Wangzhuan, ha ha.

later made an investment in the rest of the day, a lot of time don’t know what to do, only to learn, start from the most basic PTC, was not MYPTC this tool, so only use the English version of PTC, then gradually extended to CPTC, finally have a genuine MYPTC, with tools I use the registered influence, pulled some offline do click, click on the feeling now is the most suitable for the novice to do, does not require any technical tools can fix only.

Do Wangzhuan

for several years, is now in a period of confusion, I will be and what technologies are too few, in addition to the use of click Tools, remind the tool but I have other what will not. Wangzhuan the road I will be how to go? Why there are so many people rushed Wangzhuan money? We are wasting time and feelings from


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