Deutsche Bank 2006 global report online advertising is the most efficient marketing channels

Deutsche Bank (Deutsche Bank) published a report on June 8, 2006, said that the network advertising investment efficiency ranked first in all advertising channels, its investment benefit is second (newspaper) nearly three times.

Deutsche Bank

At present the most popular

to search keywords is the main technique of precision marketing, advertising will transmit the information to the user to accept.

NarrowAD is through content, region and user analysis advertising to the user location.

the first domestic see text advertising technology is a new technology of special note this precision marketing trends, the technology mainly has the following highlights:

through intelligent positioning technology, accurate advertising will hit the target population. According to Vogate Media, most of the time Internet users are reading news, articles or blog; Web content real-time analysis of text ads, the specific keyword autotagging, the content of the article is to read the advertising placement in moderate users (attention to eyes), let the site all of the content of the text can be reached with more closely related merchandise, advertising, event information, advertisers can use the most;

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