Those things started in Taobao

I was interviewed, excited, reporters after me, I felt the story is so inspiring, so to write something to share with you.

I was a petty youth in the Taobao shop, commonly known as the shopkeeper, in fact we all know, open shop it, but also really is a coincidence. The university I sleep in the upper brothers home socks factory, the University 4 years have not seen him washed socks are worn after throwing, practice when we’re together, rely on their family resources, our own business, we first take my scholarship in the school the door to find a bra shop a counter selling socks, insisted for three months, we are not lucky, like many entrepreneurs have also failed to lose money, the sale will not be done, we do poineering work for the first time will stop time.

time soon, we do not want to how to continue to do business, we have graduated. I live with my brother on the upper deck had to terminate the business plan, but we have to go back to each of the families to find the mother.

returned home, find a local Internet company, middle income, the family can barely seal the garrulous mouth. This seems to be a lot of college graduates and the paper is very similar to it, no way, who let our generation of employment pressure so much?. The advantage of working in a network company is to learn new things on the Internet every day, which is what I did not pay attention to before.

months of classes, and colleagues are gradually familiar, it was learned from them, they are usually nothing to open his own shop from Taobao, a Alibaba to find sources and then sell, but don’t make a lot of money supply, is the fundamental problem, there is a store credit low.

by my colleagues do, I began to play the game of their spare time span to understand the relevant information on the Taobao shop. My mother said I changed too fast, I feel like to engage in any industry, it is necessary to get to know him and then start again, or suffer the loss of your own.

all know, I decided to buy a special sale of socks on Tmall, Taobao in the online shop, for me, the supply is not a problem, I lay brothers home socks factory still, let him help me the processing on a phone call to him after that, things settle down the. We still have feelings for selling socks. As the saying goes from the pick up where I left off, I wanted to earn first pot of gold of life from the socks.

fix after the search for the right sources, Tmall sock shop in the major sites, several were compared, then choose the A5 online trading platform ( to buy, I often see colleagues on the A5 forum, the colleagues learned that A5 is safe, so choose A5 shop platform. A5 procedures such as the transfer of the company’s staff to help deal with, and feel very convenient, and soon got his dream of Tmall.

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