6000 yuan started from the 7 man team to go it alone

venture a year, although a long time did not write the text, but in order to commemorate the anniversary of the day, I also want to write an article to express their surging mood.

in this year, the Internet has happened a lot of things, today suddenly found that Li Kaifu teacher had cancer, I hope to be a good health.

business for a year, this year seems to be a little dull, no film above the tragic scene, not because of starting things sad cry, no matter how proud, when to write this article, my head is out of order, so this article is no know how long, do not know whether the logical thinking, but do not know whether you understand, but I just wrote, borrow a comic character lines, today I broke out.

remember this day last year, I took only 6000 dollars, I began to dream of entrepreneurship, had resigned two months at home part-time business contacts is also good, no fishing, go out, but this is not the life I want, I want a team.

team certainly can not work at home, so I went online looking for office, later to find an intermediary, although intermediary fees, but let me save a lot of rent per month 800, signed a half year contract, because of limited funds, the landlord agreed to pay the Ruanmoyingpao season, three months rent deposit + 4000 no, the rest of more than 2 thousand, when the cost of living, then go home and let my dad to help the house to get it, 30 dollars to buy a bag of paint, wall brushing, move the desk, computer come from home some accessories, shelf Taobao buy, this kind of simple.

5811 the birth of the name

before I was a part-time, do a station called "dragon" policy, because the phone sales to customers when time our website and the name of the policy? The dragon? And some customers are not likely to Pinyin, so say the web site may not be able to remember, hair SMS people are too lazy to see, so we think the digital domain name, 5811.com.cn, with a catchy, rhyming catchy advertising language: in front of outsourcing, find 5811.


I belong to the

type introverted person, talk to strangers are not natural, but for my entrepreneurial dream, I still don’t care, job interview must speak with others, understand each other, recruitment problems I have is through the Internet to find, read a lot of articles and methods of recruitment experience.

I think some of the more important:

1, home address, people like to find a job closer to their homes, if the distance is too far, too tired to go to work, it is easy to resign.

2, character, through a simple conversation to understand the character of the person, the work is for what you can for money, but you have to let me know that you have

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