Do Wangzhuan novice should understand! ~ ~

we should not just be limited to the two examples I give you, just to illustrate the problem, in the understanding of basic knowledge, but also know a little skill, until how to analyze the problem. Learning to live, and not die


read the dead, dead reading, reading and reading, as well as not to read! To the brain to think!

Wangzhuan the truth is actually very simple, for a long time as we all know, but in the hands of each of them is different. Similarly different, the wrong is wrong. Other people’s methods can be copied, but others can not copy. To create your own ideas.

beginners pay always, beginners should start doing toil. But toil to have a purpose, not to make money first. Study in toil, grow in toil, don’t sweat in toil! Just a day tired half to death, but no progress. Do not make money in order to toil! Do toil will never earn a lot of money


Pyramid is under the toil on the top is the monarch.

headworker rule, labor who rule the people.

don’t come first on what LEAD, SALE, CJ, investment, dividend what, did not understand the basic problem, how can the top Yangaoshoudi, this is


novice taboo, and only slowly.

of course, if you have understanding, you can quickly come to see if you can understand. Others say the blade sharp, you can think of the blunt? Blade can cut people, the same can hit people. This is savvy. One and three, touch class and bypass. Know more about yourself.

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