Everyone in the entrepreneurial team is a marketer


Leo is the co-founder of emerging sharing applications Buffer, in this article he describes the team in the marketing of a product of the truth: everyone is a product of the promoters.

at the beginning of Buffer, our team has a very clear division of labor, Joel responsible for the development, improve the work. I am responsible for the promotion, increase the number of users.

At the beginning of

, the work was normal. Later, slowly, something seems to have changed. The original division of labor, it seems that everyone is doing the same thing. Only one brain is thinking about development, operations. But that’s not how startups work. There’s no agency. In the words of Steve Blank:

a start-up company is not a big business shrink version

when we came up with these changes, we soon found out. Joel is very successful in the promotion, some places even stronger than me. So we started brainstorming to talk about propaganda, not as I did before.

now, we further generalize the full discussion on propaganda work together, however, the most important is that almost all of them speak freely, directly about their own views, and this is often very natural, from the bottom of my heart.

by virtue of the experience of the establishment of Buffer, Joel has become a very high yield writer. At the same time, my co-founder Tom began to write about the technical challenges facing Buffer and open source log

The new

such as Tom A, began with his experience to share some wonderful things, the number of users of the product is increasing at an unbelievable speed, it is now completely unexpected.

marketing is storytelling

how do you get people to support you? How do you get technical cattle to support you? What about your new user experience designer?

I believe that marketing is the core of storytelling. Each member of the group has a wonderful story. As a start-up company, received countless feedback every day, and finally it is simple to define, and this is what I want to say, Paul ·’s law

from an economic point of view, you can think of entrepreneurship as a way to put your life’s work down to a few years

all you have to do is to get the story out and get people to read, to listen, to see, to imagine all your friends sharing their stories, ~


encourages all members to create their own dance

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